25. 07. 2013

Penetration Euro-Street Tour: Genova

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24th July 2013 Genova - Piazza di Ferrari

We were also thinking of Mantova (beautiful city, must see) or Bergamo (recommended by Busking.com) however, it was time to move on, therefore we went back to the original plan and drove over to the other side of the „boot“ to Genova. Columbus comes from there and we’d seen a film of the same name (donno much, what it was about), it’s a huge port and I had never been there before. At last, something new.

Busking Manual

We have such strategy, that we get to a city, have iPhone navigate us to the centre, there we randomly park the car and go find a suitable place for our performance. We do sightseeing at the same time, Eva pulls me into a church every now and then (architecture..) and we eat something on the way. After we have chosen, we retreat into the hotel, pull ourselves together and in the evening we come back to the place of our choice to “commit” the gig.

In Genova, we confidently arrived at the main piazza and being already there we also entered the tourist information office to inquire, whether busking is legal there. Two kind “aunties” called somewhere to find out it is legal and gave us green light. Piazza di Ferrari was ours. Walk through the centre, ice cream, port and let’s go check in the hotel. 20km crossing into the mountains (Genova is a port at the base of horrendous hills), extremely bent roads, terrible hunger and finally accommodation in Locanda Bell’ Aria. It looks like a family business with the chef resembling a decent drunkard, he reminds me of my brother (not that my brother would be a drunkard, I’m just testing if he reads this;), the waitress / receptionist looks like Shahrazad from Aladin, both very pleasant, but the Internet doesn’t work again. Probably each hotel now has free wi-fi here, which I appreciate, but mostly it doesn’t work. We are quite high and we have a view out of the window like somewhere in Peru, so we gave in to the charm.

Having checked the batteries before departure, we set off to rock the town. I parked with skill on a disabled parking place just round the corner from the piazza, we pulled our stuff from the car, Eva nipped off for some coffee from a beautiful black girl, we moved to our spot, I drove away to safety of a nearby parking house, bought a drink and let’s rock!

Setting Makes Difference

Piazza di Ferrari has got something as a city hall, regional government’s seat and a filthy luxurious palace. And a fountain as the Bellagio one (never near a fountain again!).. We camped in front of the regional seat facing the fountain with a terrain elevation apt for people to sit down on. I play a set of moisturize songs, the bridge is made up by a collaboration with Addict (previously unreleased) followed by a complete Penetration. The warm up is mainly a test, if we’re not gonna be thrown out of the place and it gives the people time to form an audience. In the meanwhile Eva assembles the X-pole and she enters with dirtyEYES – the third song on Penetration.

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

At around the fourth song people began to catch up and in a while I had a bunch of positive supporters. One of them had his friend turn up, who was really something. The travel guide depicted Genova as “freshly ungroomed” with abundance of sailors and hookers. I donno with the hookers, I might have not been that lucky, but I agree with the sailors! The friend, who turned up later, was one of them and he was out of his fuc*king mind, spoke Portuguese and couldn’t wait for Eva to strut her stuff. I understand if you stay on sea for a long time it looks accordingly when you gen on shore, but this guy must have been on sea for at least 5 years! I had planned to buy a paralyser for the tour, yet I had to spend the money on rechargeable batteries. And before I could unscrew them from Roland, there would be nobody left to throw them at.

I really appreciate gigs, where I can concentrate on my singing. Or maybe how I move along. That’s great. Well, by the end of moisturize my equipment started to make troubles. Those Ljubljana-torn reductions have had enough and refused to work on, so the beat wasn’t very strong sometimes, in the middle of Penetration it came to me it wasn’t heard at all. The only think working well was my mic and I must praise myself for singing really well on the tour.) But it’s a real pain in the a*s when things don’t work, you keep checking what to do about it, nothing helps, people grope in the dark... In those moments you sing by the autopilot and all your capacity is dealing with how to save it.

You Cannot Chose Your Audience

Meanwhile, the wiped out smackhead is trying to grab at your mic, probably to tell everybody, how much he is digging it? I’m clear about this after a few of my „collaborations“ with Václav Stratil, the mic is mine and I’m not gonna let it out of my hand. But also here, as with Václav Stratil, the problem turned up how to get rid of him in the middle of the song and don’t start a fight and keep a performer’s face. Can a street musician call the police to rid him of an insane prick? (And when?8) Well, I didn’t give him the mic and asked him to give me some space for singing, luckily he did it. However, he went on to focus completely on Eva and he showed all piazza what we should expect by copulating moves demonstration. What is a frontman to do (without a band, security or anybody else), when a drugged viewer wants to molest his dancer? And what if another asshole high as hell joins in? Well, he must sing on, try to improve the sound and act like he’s giving an awesome concert, doesn’t he.

The fountain was terribly loud, Roland let me down, all that was left was my voice and the dancer (in distress). Fortunately, minus and minus make plus together and so the two dumbheads neutralized each other, almost smashed their faces and after all vanished together. I finished the sound mess and we wrapped it up. A guy came asking for a link, I gave him my album, even though he hesitated for not having money. There had been around 70 people and we invested the royalties into booz. I was glad to have packed and we set off back to the doglegs to the hotel. Just before it I spotted a hedgehog in the turn, luckily I was driving with my glasses on and I stopped on the spot, 15cm from him. Emergency lights, another car behind me slowed down, overtook us and I went to see, what was left of it. I was afraid I ran over him, but he looked complete, he moved a bit, despite wanting to be a ball. I picked him up and carried on the pavement to a garden, nothing was coming out of him so I believe he was all right!! I am happy.

Take it from whichever side you do need balls for such a tour. We will probably try it on the promenade tomorrow, but it’s obvious we must count with an increased number of sailors. I will go nuts!

Eva Bloggs from Honeymoon

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

What Is It Like to Watch Everything from Above? A Gig from a Dancer’s View

It’s like you watched a rather odd video, a bit surreal, a little romantic, pretty punk and utmostly dada. Jan starts to play, I start to play seamstress and sew the pole case, which didn’t stand even the first deployment, and so there’s still something to repair, I secretly observe the people walking by, reading our sign – „honeymoon tour“ it sais, confused looks, honeymoon? Like what? Would anyone go on such honeymoon? Even I wasn’t sure about it before. I wasn’t sure I felt like it, or if it would be better to spend it lying on the beach somewhere, I wasn’t sure I was up to it and as Jan wrote, you’ve gotta have balls for it. I have no balls yet I dispose of other qualities. I already know, though that we are up to it and it’s the best honemoon, we could have.

Pole dance ain’t fun, calluses on your hands, bruises everywhere, each muscle hurts, who has tried, they know well. Today the first serious injury joined in. It’s so, when you try to assemble the stage (people watching, groups forming, they argue, what is about to happen) on uneven ground. Genova is all downhill or uphill, so finding an even place is almost impossible, I’ve got to take a water level next time. So you settle for what you have, a square with massive paving stones each of them sloping to different direction and you keep assembling piece by piece. This time the pieces did not only fit much really, but even the screws were not possible to be tightened properly, well, be it, so I climb on the pole to polish it. Polishing the pole is the basics, so I’m trying hard, maybe too hard, so hard that the upper piece of the pole went up (the screw was really loose) and I pinched my thighs by it, terrible pain, I jump down, blood is coming out of it just a little, bruises in the shape of semi-circles on both legs are saying – don’t climb on it today!

But the show is on, so I wind up all the screws for the second time and pray not to fall down. Breathe in – breathe out, smile at the crowd and let’s go! Floorwork, first spin, second, invert, combo, I’m dancing.. Jan is singing, the people can’t take their eyes off us.

I’m thinking of those, without who I wouldn’t be here, I’m grateful to Janix for teaching me so much during the year, to Dash for making me dance and not be afraid to improvise, to Jan for being serious with the tour idea and to my body for making all this.

My mind sometimes strikes, I’m nervous each time, but then I’m in a handstand, waving my legs and I see some girls are watching me with their mouths open wide and so I’m thinking it’s kinda cool!

The most important thing is to enjoy it!