22. 07. 2013

Penetration Euro-Street Tour: Vicenza

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21st July 2013 Vicenza

The two days in Venice should have been a holiday, but we don’t seem to be able to relax of what.. They exhausted us pretty much. Biennial on Friday, art is dead, next time we’re climbing over the fence or swimming through the channel. The best installation was in Coreia (over-lit, spectred through, over-lighted hall in contrast with dark tangent room, great experience – you could see under all girls’ skirts in the hall and you could even touch them in the room), the best marketing was Britania (you get a stamp and English tea and music plays there), Cecoslovachia – Baladrán kinda good, but who the hell really cares?!

Redentore (on Saturday) is possibly one of the main feasts, so the attendance was really decent. Venice tends to be crowded normally, but this was something different. When you push yourself through the crowd on the bankside with one half of it taken up by people picnicing, you sometimes feel like pushing one or two of them directly into the channel. The same applies for the bridges even more so. The fireworks were ok, we know that from Brno.. The way back on shore by PUBLIC transport took an hour and 45 minutes, greeting to BrnoPublicTransportCompany and congratulation for inventing support services!

Penetration Euro-Street TourWe punked our sleeping in the tent somewhere on a cycling path, as it was busy early morning with trainees for Giro Italia probably? Guys in uniforms woke us up, because they could not get around our tent by the car, they were really nice, though, because they said good morning to us and reassured us they could go the other way too. A good start!


I’ve been there before, but this time I didn’t have a clue. Scrovegni chapel maybe, but the city was a tough one in the end. Breakfast, wifi in a café (finally!! just two years ago they didn’t know what it was and when they remembered at last, it cost Euros and it didn’t even work..), booking a hotel in Vicenza!, ice-cream and a cathedral (architecture..). We searched for busking spots, but didn’t find anything. There were some musicians, so it had to be legal. We consider including Yesterday into our repertoir, it’s a big hit here. So we are moving on, but where the heck did we park the car?! We walked through Padova one more time and thoroughly and after all we did manage to leave.

No Rock Star without a Hotel

At 2pm we arrived at Alfa Hotel on the edge of Vicenza, we did all that shoudl be done at a hotel and set off to the city. We were able to park the car right in the centre on an unofficial place and hit the streets to find our spot. Parking is an incredible problem, there are blue lines for residents (I really do not want this in Brno..), yellow lines for some other kind of residents and then sometimes small white lines for bicycles ant that’s it. The others must drive hovercrafts or something.. I’ve been to Vicenza more times than to Padova, so I didn’t think twice. And being true to my motto “just f*ck it!” I aimed directly into the centre. If with sleeping in the hotel, then we must perform on the main square. Andrea Palladio built a lot of it in this city and we built our stage right next to his allegedly first successful public commission (Palazzo della Regione). We just hoped nobody would take it up as in Ljubljana.

Lunch and a walk got us a little tired, though, so we cleared off and returned to the hotel to rest. Well, we overslept a little, too, the dancer didn’t want to get up, so we got back to our spot only at half past 8, fortunately the spot next to the tower was vacant and all there was playing was a violinist behind the corner, which didn’t pose any threat to us. I had prepared “moisturize” in my player, so I was ready to give a double show. The plan was, that during moisturize we will see if somebody throws us out or we will stand our ground and Eva assembles the X-pole. Shame on me I hadn’t revised my lyrics as I remembered just a half of moisturize. F*cking freestyle!

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

Grande Eva

By the time I finished moisturize, Eva’s had the X-pole completed and there’s been a decent audience in front of me. I announced the end of warm-up and, launched Penetration and did my thing. Brilliant place, dusk, 100 to 150 people, awesome! That’s the way. Eva got a stage name „Grande Eva“ from a black guy in the audience, I tried to take her side arguing she is quite „piccola“, but she was obviously pleased so I will introduce her so from now on. During Selfdestruction a police car passed by just in front of me, luckily without stopping. So it must be really legal. That’s the way I fancy Penetration Euro-Street Tour..

We packed, I pulled over by the car (who understands Italian beneath a driving ban..), we loaded our stuff in, I reparked (against another ban) and we counted the royalties. It was for the hotel (without the breakfast). After I remember the lyrics, it will be for the breakfast too! We had a drink and back to the hotel. Have you got any idea, how it is with alcohol tolerance behind the wheel? I still believe it’s not that strict?

Penetration Euro-Street Tour