Marie Tomanová

Marie Tomanová is an adventure artist. Normal life is nothing for her, she loves men on stage, she’s shameless and needs passion to get inspired, to paint and to live really. If you learn to read her paintings you will spot magic moments that formed her and you will be shocked by her honesty and openness. She stems from traditional painting and the helix of her work lies in figure in landscape iconography. She is not after formal experiments but her personal statement coded into colour harmonization, into a combination of shallowness and subconscious feelings of freedom and sexuality. It’s the contrast of the figure in her environment that builds up the psychology and atmosphere of the scene. The lonely naked figure imprints into the landscape of emotions and together they launch the music of sirens ringing through the space. Shifted tonality and surreal references create a sultry vibe and animal impulse.

Martin Mainer’s painting atelier graduate at Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno was not an easy student. They didn’t manage to push her into the position the head of the atelier imagined her in. Marie has her own brain and she can put through her vision, though. From her early surface or even graphic works she evolved into an impasto paintress taking pleasure in expressive, fantasy images full of uncovered sensuality, nudity and lust. Marie is an all in all woman artist. Her work is a manifesto of woman’s sexuality emancipation and independency on social conventions, which can still, even in the 21st century, bring about controversy.

Career of an artist is not what Marie Tomanová is too interested in. What she is the most after is to live life to the fullest, so that she can distil her intimate experiences into her canvasses, which do not always look nice, but they never lack power.

Read the interview with paintress Marie Tomanová, who used to sell small paintings for the price of her room-rent and large paintings for the price of two, HERE.