mutant industries

Brno's first sticker artist, Petr Kvíčala's painting atelier graduate, head of a mysterious Mutant Industries corporation, designer of Brno's most popular underground parties' posters, original personality with true punk attitude, who cannot be found on facebook, replies to e-mails only when he has something to say and answers the phone maybe in the afternoon, after he gets out of his nest - Mutant is that all.

He already finished his study at Brno's Faculty of Fine Arts four years ago and since then he has been walking his way, avoiding official structures, keeping his street artist's independence and tenaciously pushing his art concept - Mutant Industries. This brand promotes his art work, it represents a good name in graphic design line and allows him to be a freelancer and live his own life.

Mutant hits the streets only at dusk, he stays away from public scrutiny and rather works on his projects lit by the laptop screen. His art work is structured into several levels - from stickers, T-shirts and other everyday bits and pieces to limited series of author graphics and large-format monumental paintings on canvas. He deals with such themes as popular or corporate culture, celebrity, commercial art or advertisement and his "high" status of "painter against his own will" represents contemporary pop-art approach - playing with commercial symbols and running down all the relevant institutions - corporations, galleries, collectors, viewers and artists. Slick facture mixes with bitter message and evokes mixed feelings.

Mutant does what he wants and how he wants, he does not care about conventions or instant models and it is right this independence and freedom that add significance to his work. He favours diminishing painter's handwriting and lets modern technology speak for him. If you desire a collector piece for a wall in your loft, though, he will easily tailor you a painting blowup of almost any work in his portfolio, be it a years-old sticker you would see on the toilet of your favourite bar. Read an interview with Mutant HERE.