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burningboy is a folklorist of the 21st century. He takes advantage of digital era achievements to express newly the age-long status of a young artist trapped in the endless obsession, which he declares his motto „SEX, DRUGS & ELECTRO, baby“!

As a young boy already, at piano classes, he apprehended what could happen in future.  Then, at guitar classes, with his attention diverted from teacher’s swift fingers towards her exuberantly bulging low neck, his imagination became clearer. When his gay teacher later played him Beethowen’s Moon Symphony on the piano, he had no doubts.

Human consciousness renders unknown reserves. Who manages to break into them they find out a dangerous truth – about themselves, about the others, about life and fulfilment. Only few of them can bear the pressure of the knowledge, however, who does not reveal it they do not seem to have lived at all. Music is the key. Life would not matter without it. Beat is in the heart.

And so burningboy did not waste time and talent any more, he went on to live for music and formed punk band elation. Just to get the kick out of screaming on stage, stumbling drunk over cords and occasional falling into the audience..  As late as several years later did they find it was a dead end. They put away the guitars and sat down before computers. A new era calls for a new sound. No more bruised fingertips, drums sounding and vomiting before the concert! Sunglasses At Night, Mitsubishi and tripping through stars, girls with neckbands. Absolute freedom – at least the creative one and for a few moments the mental one, too.

In 2002 he launched his solo career and three years later he came out with an experimental SUFFER4BEAUTY album. Since 2007 he has started giving live gigs again and he proved with his second record that even today you can release a strong, original and shocking album without bandmates, producers, nor a record label and without shame!

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